A National Membership Organization

About Us

 We are a national membership organization that serves our members with estate planning services, information, and documentation.   We began in the 1970's and through subsequent changes to our organizational structure in order to accommodate growth and expansion plans, we now have Heritage Estate Plans, LLC, a membership organization that offers estate planning documents.  Our principles of professionalism, quality, value and planning options rarely offered elsewhere have made us what we are today - a fast growing membership of people who have the common goal of protecting their estate from the assistance available through our organization.

We are committed to seeing that your wishes regarding the final distribution of your estate are carried out in an orderly and expedient manner at the lowest possible cost to you and your heirs.  With proper planning, this means more for your children and heirs.   

Our Mission

 To provide our members with the highest quality estate planning documents at the most economical costs which will provide current and future security by protecting and preserving their hard earned assets for themselves and their heirs.

Our Vision

Provide our members with services that can help them reduce costs to themselves, their families, and/or allow our members to provide future security to their loved ones, endowments, or other interests.